Moore v. Robinhood Financial LLC
Robinhood Referral Settlement

Key Dates

February 13, 2024 (Passed) Preliminary Approval Granted
March 14, 2024 (Passed) Notice Issued
April 12, 2024 (Passed) Class Counsel Motion for Attorney's Fees, Costs, and Class Representative Service Award
May 13, 2024 (Passed) Claim Form Deadline
May 13, 2024 (Passed) Exclusion Deadline
May 13, 2024 (Passed) Objection Deadline
July 16, 2024, 10 a.m., Pacific Final Approval Hearing via videoconference.
Information on how to access the videoconference will be posted on this website once it is available.

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Robinhood Referral Settlement
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